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Water Heater Preventative Maintenance

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Water Heater Problems Can Occur Rapidly

A lot of homes still utilize a standard gas water heater as the type that is installed. They are also usually installed in a garage, in a basement, in a storage room, or somewhere out of sight. Given that they are out of sight, the majority of property owners have the tendency to forget them. If the water heater starts to make loud noises or starts to leak water, it may go undetected for some time. Needing a repair or some service could grow before bigger indicators are seen, like when the water heater is not producing enough not water.

However, the requirement for an emergency water heater repair can be prevented when house owners are proactive in conducting some plumbing preventative upkeep actions.

Advantages of Water Heater MaintenanceWater Heater Maintenance

We have the ability to carry out seasonal upkeep on ones water heater to make certain it is running at peak performance. This would be the best steps one may take to make sure an emergency plumbing repair is not required. We will entirely examine ones heater to make sure all its components are functioning correctly. Will we examine the condition of the anode rods and drain some of the water to see if a complete flush of the water heater tank is required. When way too much sediment starts to gather in the bottom of the water storage tank, it will begin to lower the performance of the appliance. Even with the average life expectancy of a tank water heater being around 12-15 years, we may sometimes get even more from a device with normal upkeep. This saves a great deal of cash on a water heater substitute taking place too early.

With a properly running water heater, property owners will conserve money on energy costs. Property owners could additionally conserve money on any type of unexpected repair bill, and the price of replacement components. Every one of these costs are generally greater than that of a service maintenance assessment. Also, there is a lot of value in not having an unanticipated cold shower in the early morning also!

Homeowner Water Heater Trouble Indicators

It is essential that property owners take a look at the hot water heater a minimum of once per month to look for any kind of indications that are not normal with the appliance. It just a takes a minute to do so and is definitely worth the initiative. Here are a few indicators to be knowledgeable about noticing:

  • Any water around the base of the water heater. It might not be originating from the water storage tank itself, yet could be from a loosened water valve getting in or leaving the tank.
  • Discolored water from any hot water taps. It could suggest rust inside the water storage tank, but can be due to various other points too.
  • Noises, such as gurgling, popping or the like. This is often brought on by sediment developing in the tank, though maybe something far more significant.
  • If there is a boost in ones water costs and ones water use appears to be the same. The rise could not be from the water heater, but absolutely there is a possible plumbing leak we need to check.
  • Last but not least, obviously is one is not getting any or sufficient hot water, get in touch with us quickly.

With a little home owner plumbing preventative steps that are simple enough to execute, and with having us come carry out seasonal service we will be able to ensure ones warm water heater lasts as long as possible.

How to Flush a Shreveport Water Heater

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Ok, so it is not a glamorous water heater maintenance job, however it does need a little cleaning up from time to time. Yes, today Hot Water Heater Repair Shreveport is going to instruct one on the best ways to eliminate a water heater. Some suggest doing so as soon as every one to 3 years, we feel it is best to do so once a year. Doing so is not a difficult or time consuming task – heck, let the children help even.

Why Flush a Shreveport Water Heater?

If it is last the advised life expectancy of the device, it ought to have some kind of routine flushing done. Doing so will undoubtedly aide in having it run as successfully as possible, which also means saving cash on the expenditure of running the darn thing. That alone ought to be a sufficient reason we feel!

In regards to water heater upkeep, flushing it will eliminate the buildup of mineral deposits that natural happens inside the water tank. If one has actually ever had loud noises, popping, gurgling, mini-explosion sounds, that is a sign that there is too much sediment inside the tank. This flushing process will help make sure that the tank heats water a lot more quietly.

Step 1. If it is an electric water heater, turn the power off in the primary electric breaker box and turn the cold water supply off. If it is a gas heater, it is ok to leave the gas on – just turn the water off. Though, turn the thermostat setting dial to the pilot setting (make a note to keep in mind exactly what it was initially set at though for later). Then, whichever faucet the water heater supplies is closest has to be opened. This is typically easier than opening the pressure relief valve, however one can do that instead.Hot Water Heater Repair Shreveport

Step 2. At the bottom of the water heater is a drain valve that a yard watering hose can be attached to. There may be a cover over it depending upon the maker. Consider turning the heat to the pilot setting a number of hours before flushing it if one desires so the water isn’t going to be as hot when it is drained. If that is not a choice that’s fine, just see to it the garden hose utilized is in excellent shape to hold up against the greater temperature water.

Run the hose outside far from your home or if the water has already cooled, one can drain the tank into containers.

Step 3. Open the water heater’s drain valve and begin draining the water. For whatever reason the drain valve is generally made of plastic, so if one has an older water heater (and one that has actually not been drained since before time started) it might stick a little. Just beware to not break the plastic (which is why it would be nice if the darn thing was NOT made of plastic).Water Heater Repair Shreveport

Once the drain valve is open, likewise open the pressure relief valve on the unit. Water will (at least it needs to if it pressure relief valve is working appropriately) flow some from it. Attempt to let is stream steady and not too fast so it stirs up the sediment in the water heater. We want the sediment to drain out the bottom from the hose.

If draining in a container, even if having the hose drain into a bucket outside of the garage or basement where the water heater is located, fill a bucket and let it sit to see if the water is clear or if there is sediment, which will generally look like sand in the bottom of the bucket. Just keep draining it until the water is clear.

Step 4. Close the drain on the bottom of the storage tank and close the pressure relief valve if it is still open.

Step 5. Turn the supply of water on again to fill the tank. As soon as it is full again, slowing open the pressure relief valve again to get some excess air out of the tank. Then, open a hot water faucet in your house to get much more air out of the system.

Step 6. Let the hot water in the bathtub run till a full stream is flowing out. Once that happens, it is ok to turn the power back on if it is an electric water heater, or reset the temperature setting for a gas water heater. Obviously, turn the bathtub faucet off. In about 20 minutes, the hot water ought to be heated up once again.

There you go! Water Heater Repair Shreveport is here to respond to any concerns you might have. Next take have a look at our article on what to do if one has no hot water.

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Troubleshooting No Hot Water from a Water Heater

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Let us break down the discussion on why one might not have any hot water from the water heater into 2 different sections: having NO hot water and having LIMITED hot water.

No Hot WaterGas Water Heater Repair Shreveport LA

In regards to having no hot water at all, Hot Water Heater Repair Shreveport suggests that it is most likely due to the fact that of one of the following 4 different possibilities (a minimum of it is most likely just one). Here they are …

A Bad Pilot Light
Ideally this holds true due to the fact that it is the easiest of the five to repair. First check to see that it is still lit. One might require to have a look at the owners manual (sorry men, however often we require to check out directions) if you are having a difficult time finding where it is located. Manufacturers due tend to hide them nowadays it seems. And, to see exactly what the manufacturers instructions are for relighting the pilot light.

Gas Line Leak
If one has a gas water heater, there could be a leak in the line. If one has an electric one, undoubtedly disregard this as a possibility. Some individuals have a tough time smelling gas, though my mother has an extraordinary ability to smell it I vividly remember as a child. It most likely will have the odor of rotten eggs. If this is the case, all jokes aside, turn the gas line off if one knows where it is and call the gas company and/or a plumbing company if one doesn’t live in Water Heater Repair Shreveport LA’s service area. This is a serious problem that needs immediate attention!

A Bad Thermostat
This can be the concern for both not having any hot water, or just not having enough hot water. To be on the safe side we included it in this section though. See to it the thermostat dial settings have actually not been bummed or altered by accident. Our water heater is found in the garage and the happy fingers of twin children like to go checking out every now and then. If the
settings are exactly what they usually are, turn the setting up some and see if it does the technique. The thermostat can be replaced for they do wear outsometimes.

A Bad Thermocouple
For gas water heaters, the thermocouple works in hand with the pilot light as a safety device. If the pilot light is out, it avoids gas from being turned on, so it is sort of vital. However, uncomplicated to change if needed. When the thermocouple begins to wear out, it “tells” the gas valve that the pilot light is out so it shuts off the gas. The gas burner will not light then and the pilot light goes out.

For electric water heaters, it uses a heating element inside to perform the electrical current heating the water. These can also break and will result in reduced hot water.

Not Enough Hot Water

Sediment Buildup
If one is not in the practice of flushing the water heater tank occasionally, like a minimum of once every couple years, sediment from the water will accumulate in the bottom of the tank. If one ever hears popping or banging noises from the tank, that is probably why. This will eventually decrease the heaters ability to make enough hot water. Regular flushing will usually solve this problem. If the water in your home is overly hard, using a water softener will assist battle an excess amount of sediment accumulation too.

Various Other Possibilities
There may be a problem with the flame from the burner. Please see to it the area around and below the water heater remains clean from dirt. The water heater draws air up from beneath for the burner. Natural gas flames will burn bright blue with a yellow tip, while propane are more bluish green on the body of the flame.

It could hold true that the tank size is just too little and not able to deal with the water heating demands, however obviously if it is a brand-new problem of inadequate hot water and ones usage level has not considerably increased, this will not be the case.

If any current repairs were made on the device something might be crossed in terms of the electrical connections or the hot and cold water connects, but once more, very unlikely from a lot of plumbing companies.

There are various other possible causes, however for the sake of time right here, Water Heater Repair Shreveport simply desired to share the most probably ones. Don’t be reluctant to let us know of any assistance needed!

Video Overview of Hot Water Heater Repair Shreveport

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We just made a new business video summary for Hot Water Heater Repair Shreveport and we wished to share it with you today. Do not hesitate to contact us for any plumbing repairs and setups that you could have to have done at work or at home.